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About Us

About Us

NORTEK has become one of the independent traders of lubricants products in India. With more than 28 years of trading experience,we remain committed in providing high quality lubricants and services. Our brand has been pioneer in raising the standards of our products. NORTEK is an establishing leader in trading petroleum products. Our endeavour is to fulfill our promise of total customer satisfaction by using the latest and most cutting edge technology to satisfy their needs. Our company has launched a wide range of automobile and industrial lubricants. Due to our commitment to quality and performance, quality is the first priority for us. The ultimate objective is not just producing a quality product but ensuring continuous improvement in quality that makes our products stand out in the market consistently.


Our Values


At, NORTEK lubricants, we respect human rights, comply with laws and regulations of the land we are in, believe in fairness, respect, integrity and confidentiality.
We assume certain responsibilities while conducting business.

Environmental responsibility

Protection of environment and contribution to the society is the foremost in our priorities. we are committed to minimizing environmental impacts by reducing wastes, emissions and other releases.

Corporate social responsibility

We are committed to promoting sustainable social and economic benefits to the communities wherever we operate.

Business ethics

we respect human rights, comply with laws and regulations and upholds the high standards of business ethics and integrity.


We are a passionate advocate for innovation. Through out constant pursuit of innovation we aim to contribute towards the inclusive growth of all our stakeholders.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a premier Indian lubricants traders. We seek to accomplish and achieve this by operating safely, reliably and in environmentally responsible manner, effectively and efficiently operating and utilising our existing assets, offering superior products and services. We, at NORTEK lubricants, strive to exceed the expectations of customers, employees and shareholders. We seek to continuously increase our corporate value, product quality and service and add to the productivity of the country we operate in.